Some of the most rewarding work is teaching classes to beginners, conducting workshops in various mediums, and completing commissioned works.


Joan teaches classes in her home studio on Mondays every week. Classes are typically taught in watercolors, although other mediums are taught during some sessions. Sessions are 4 weeks. Each class is two and a half hours and run from 10 am to 12:30 pm. Normally class sizes consist of 6 people each having their own workspace. Cost $85 per session.

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Joan hosts a variety of one day workshops throughout the year. Workshops includes different mediums including acrylics, alcohol inks,and monotype. Students will be exposed to an in depth study of a selected topic in a chosen medium.

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Something that has always been a fun part of what Joan does is having the opportunity to answer the call for commissioned artwork. It is evident that some people love pieces that hold personal or sentimental value. Perhaps a favorite childhood place or a relatives old home. Maybe a sporting venue or the building in which you worked.

Joan has been able to recreate images near and dear to people's hearts. She can provide this service in many different mediums including watercolor, acrylic, and oil. Click to edit this text block. Effectively introducing your products, services, menu or whatever your great company offers, is the foundation of a powerful website. Visitors are interested in what you can do as a company, and what makes you different from all of the competition. So be sure to tell them!